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Frequently Asked Questions


    Why does the Shop tab now redirect me to Goldbelly?
    We are excited to partner with Goldbelly to provide our authentic tamales to customers nationwide. All orders will now be fulfilled through Goldbelly. To place your tamale order, click here.
    I have questions about a Tucson Tamale order I placed through Goldbelly.
    Goldbelly now manages all Tucson Tamale online orders, and they are happy to assist you! All questions regarding your order can be answered by clicking here..
    I received my tamales, how do I know they are ok?
    Your tamales are packed frozen to below zero degrees, and shipped with dry ice or ice packs in an insulated container. When they arrive any dry ice used will likely have sublimated during travel. If your tamales are not frozen solid, there are a couple ways to determine if they are edible. It is normal for the outer masa to begin defrosting and be soft to the touch, however the center of the tamale should be below 44 degrees. If you do not have
    the ability to temp the tamale, the center should be cold.
    What's the difference between an online or in-store gift card?
    We previously sold 2 types of gift cards- In Store and Online. The in-store gift cards are sold at our restaurant in Tucson and can only be used in the restaurant. Online gift cards were only purchased online and can only be used for online shipping orders. They are not interchangeable. *Note, we no longer sell online gift cards as our online orders have moved to fulfillment by Goldbelly.

    Steaming Tips

    Where can I find steaming / cooking instructions?
      Each package will have instructions on how to steam your tamales on the stovetop in a steamer pan or in the microwave.
    Any tips for steaming on the stove top?
    When steaming on a stovetop, please be sure to use a steamer basket keeping the tamales above the water. Make sure the tamales are standing up with the open end at the top. If you have more room in your steamer then there are tamales, try filling the void with some slightly crumpled aluminum foil.

    Wholesale Inquiries

    How can I stock Tucson Tamale in my store?
    We’re so glad you asked! Take a look at our retail product catalog or food service catalog and e-mail if you have any questions at all.