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(Shhh!)Our Secret

In addition to the “traditional” tamale recipes many have been raised with, we also enjoy mixing it up a bit. Over the years we have created some pretty amazing non-traditional tamale flavors. Check out some of our favorites below, or view all our tamale recipes.

Flavors to freak out about

A Mexican "Trinity"

The Italian trinity is garlic, basil and tomato; for  Cajun cooking it is onion, celery and bell pepper; and the French have mirepoix; chopped onions, carrots and celery.  But what is the the Mexican trinity? It doesn’t include salsa, hot sauce or cheese. Some might say it is beans, chiles and co...

Wow your family with a new fav

How to Make Better Beans

There are many debates about the best way to cook beans.  Should I soak the beans first? When should I season the beans?  Should I drain the gravy - that is the seasoned cooking liquid? There are a lot of sources out there that will tell you many different things about the beans.   The Soak Peop...

Get grounded with this earthy delight

Blue Corn meets its Mole match

We used local mole vendor, Mano y Metate, to create our delicious Blue Corn Chicken Mole tamale. Watch and learn more about the mole we use!

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