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Beads In Tucson by Floor Kaspers

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This delightful book tells the stories of the real gems (the people) involved in Tucson Bead, Gem and Mineral Shows.    She writes, "When I visited the show early 2012, I wanted to learn more about not only the shows, but also the people that make up the Tucson experience. What does it mean to sell and buy at this show? How has it changed over the years? What is good advice for first time visitors? All of this and more can be found in my new book: Beads from Tucson. It is available in print from the publisher Blurb."

Thank you Floors for including Tucson Tamale Company in your book.  We love being a part of the Tucson Bead Show and the Gem & Mineral Show.  It is unique visitors like you that make our day!

Page from magazine featuring Tucson Tamale CompanyStreet fair stand featuring Tucson Tamales

Visit Floor's website at for a free download of the book.

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