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Trip Advisor Reviews - Certificate of Excellence 2013

Trip Advisor Reviews - Certificate of Excellence 2013

Tucson Tamale Company: Restaurant Reviews

Ranked #4 of 1,278 restaurants in Tucson

98 Reviews

Certificate of Excellence 2013

Cuisines: Mexican

 nos-im, Connecticut,Contributor

 “wide variety of delcious tamales”

  Reviewed April 10, 2013

They've got a wide variety of delicious tamales - spicy and mild, savory and sweet, meat and vegetarian. And all gluten-free, which was great for one member of our party. Sides as well. And reasonably priced.

 Brenda S, Ottawa, Senior Reviewer

 “Unwrap a little piece of heaven”

 Reviewed April 10, 2013

These tamales are the best little packages of deliciousness that you will ever taste. You've never tried tamales? Well lucky you- there is a new food out there that you are absolutely going to love but don't just try them anywhere - you have to try them here. If you can't decide on the one you want just close your eyes and point - they are all so good. The place is friendly, casual and colourful with great little original works of art on the wall and a cute little patio in the back. You order and pay at the counter and the food is brought to you. Don't be afraid to ask questions - the servers will knowledgeably guide you towards your favourite tamale. We had them for dinner - then we had them for breakfast - we would have had them for lunch but it was time to say ta ta to Tucson.

 Mycroft7, Hawthorn Woods, Illinois, Senior Contributor

 “A new appreciation for tamales”

  Reviewed April 5, 2013

I thought I had eaten tamales before, but I was so wrong. The tamales at Tucson Tamale Company (TTC) were by far (I'm talking lightyears here) the best tamales I have ever eaten! Ok, ok... my tamale experience has been limited mainly to the northern areas of the U.S., so maybe the tamales are simply inferior anywhere where it get's below freezing and snows in the winter, I don't know. Whatever the reason or cause here are the details.

The order (2 people): tamales - 1 Arizona, 1 Santa Fe, 1 Santa Cruz, 1 Sonora, 1 chips and medium salsa (Colette's Green), 1 diet RC Cola, 1 water. The cost - total with tax was $16.56 and it was the best $16.56 I've spent while visiting Tucson. (Next time I'll skip the chips & salsa and maybe "squeeze" in another tamale.) The atmosphere - ok; order, pay, pick-up at the counter, fill your own drinks, napkins and plastic forks at the table, indoor and patio eating area (but not a big place), clean-up after yourself, very good customer service at the counter and very fast food delivery. Sat out on the covered patio which was nice and found the music playing while I dined to be entertaining; songs included Freebird, Theme from Starwars, and Black Water (Doobie Brothers), how's that for 70's oldies! Bottom line - best tamales you may ever have, go for the food and enjoy, and don't sweat the ambiance/atmosphere stuff.

 Lislcat, Wisconsin,Top Contributor

 “Excellent and they answered questions, because of my food allergy!”

 Reviewed March 28, 2013

I had the Santa Fe tamales and it was excellent. My husband had the beef tamales, which had a little extra heat and he loved it. My daughter had the Wisconsin tamales, which were filled with cheese and she loved them. Next time we're in Tucson, we will definitely be stopping back. Plus, I'm going to order some online. :-)

 Teachcolorado,  Senior Contributor

 “Great tamales, very casual”

 Reviewed March 27, 2013

We read good reviews about the tamales here, so we decided to try this place out, even though we couldn't tell before hand if this place would just be a take-out place or a sit down restaurant. It turned out to be a place where you order, wait for your food, and then either take it to-go or pick a table at which to eat it. The tamales were about $2.50 per piece, which we thought was pretty reasonable. We had an Austin (spinach and mushroom), one with chicken and cheese, and a Bombay (like an Indian curry). All were good. The medium salsa was not at all hot, but the hot one had some kick to it. Yummy, casual and worth a return visit when we're in that part of town.

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