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Tucson Tamale's 2021 Beer and Tamale Pairing Guide

Tucson Tamale's 2021 Beer and Tamale Pairing Guide

What’s one of your favorite summer pairings? We’ve got a great one to add to your list; tamales and beer. 

We love tamales and beer together. In fact, tamales and beer are part of our origin story.

Years ago, after Todd and Sherry had met, Sherry invited Todd over to her family home for a traditional tamalada (tamale-making party). Having never made tamales, Todd was admittedly a bit nervous. He walked into the home to see 5 bushels of corn, 25 pounds of freshly roasted green chilies, 18 friends and family and 5 cases of beer. 

Tamales and beer are a natural combination, so we’ve created this guide to show you some of our favorite pairings with a few amazing breweries across the United States. 

Jack’s Abby Brewing

Framingham, Massachusetts


Jack’s Abby was founded by brothers, Jack, Eric, and Sam Hendler back in 2011. Over the last ten years, Jack’s Abby has become a staple amongst the Northeast brewing scene with plans to continue growing. Specializing in craft lagers, Jack’s aims to continue to pay homage to authentic German-style flavors by brewing with traditional ingredients and techniques. In order to ensure that they are able to do so, the Jack’s Abby brewing team actually travels to Germany each year, procuring hops and malt from small family run operations in Bavaria. Again, their dedication to authenticity means that Jack’s uses old-world brewing techniques of decoction and spunding to recreate historical lagers. 

Jack’s Abby Brewing’s House Lager is a sweet and golden lager with a full malty body that pairs great with nearly anything. It’s incredibly versatile and works well with most dishes. We suggest you pair this beauty with a Blue Corn and Veggie Tamale. Visit Jack’s Abby on Instagram to learn more.

Rahr & Sons Brewing

Fort Worth, Texas

Rahr & Sons Brewing is another family owned brewery, with a history that runs deep within the brewing community. While Rahr & Sons officially opened their doors in 2004, their tagline was “The Brand New Beer with a 150-Year History! and they were ready to prove it. 

The family began brewing in 1847 after William and Natalie Rahr immigrated to Manitowoc, Wisconsin from Rhineland, Germany. The Eagle Brewery that William coined in Wisconsin was the first lager brewery in the state at the time, to which William later added a malt house for not only his brewery but also those nearby.

His sons were able to grow the malt portion of the business exponentially; today Rahr Malting Co. produces and supplies malt to 90% of the breweries in the United States!

160 years after William Rahr founded his Eagle Brewery in Wisconsin, his great-great-grandson Frederick William “Fritz” Rahr launched Rahr & Sons Brewing Co. in Fort Worth, Texas.

Sometimes you need to bring a beer to the beach, but sometimes you need to bring the beach to you. Rahr & Sons Brewing’s Adiós Pantalones is truly the perfect summertime beverage. With citrus-forward flavors and aromas, this beer is thirst-quenching in the best possible way. Adiós Pantalones is crisp, clean, and light-bodied, making it a refreshing companion to any Green Chile Tamale in our shop. Visit them on Instagram @rahrbrewing.


Zipline Brewing Co.

Lincoln, Nebraska

Looking for something a little different? That sense of adventure? Zipline Brewing Co. is for you! This microbrewery is known for their artisan ales and lagers that carry high quality precision. Zipline was created out of the founders’ sense of adventure and a desire to connect more with the thrill-seeking spirit that lives in all craft beer fans. 

While Zipline has many beers worth trying, the Copper Alt is literally a gold medalist.

Taking the top spot for German-Style Altbier at the 2015 Great American Beer Festival®, this beauty is a hybrid style between an ale and a lager, this bronze-hued brew goes down easy with subtle nuances of chocolate and hazelnut.

That can you pair it with? ALL THE MEATS.

Sip on this with one of our Red Chile Beef Tamales for maximum happiness. Learn more when you connect with them on Instagram @ziplinebreweing.


Hill Farmstead Brewery

Greensboro Bend, Vermont

Founded in 2010, Hill Farmstead is actually steeped in rich history. The very land that Hill Farmstead Brewery sits on is land that has in fact been in the Hill family for generations. Shaun was interested early on in the process and science of fermentation, so much so that he created his first homebrew as part of a high school science project. After travelling to Copenhagen and taking a position under the mentorship of Anders Kissmeyer, and exceeding exponentially, Shaun returned from Denmark in 2009, ready to get started on Hill Farmstead Brewery. This made Shaun the 7th continuous generation to make productive use of this land! 

Hill Farmstead Brewery’s American Pale Ale, Edward, has bright hop aromas that match well with robust, savory flavors and counterbalance spicy foods. We can’t help but suggest you pair the Edward with our  Black Bean and Cheese Tamale!

Check out new releases and more from Hill Farmstead when you connect with them on Instagram @hillfarmstead.


Surly Brewing Co.

Twin Cities, MN

Surly Brewing Co. began back in 2005 in an industrial abrasives factory (Ansari Abrasives) owned by first-generation immigrants, Naseem and Dorit Ansari. When their son Omar got bit by the home brewing bug back in the early-00’s, it was hard to find a quality craft beer in Minnesota. Some might say that this could make one rather… surly. 

With the help of founding head brewer, Todd Haug, and some blessings from the family, a portion of the abrasives factory was converted into a brewery. After introducing Twin Cities to a few delicious brews crafted by their team, business was booming and what once was just a factory became a full time brewery. 

Surly’s Grapefruit Supreme is a tart ale with grapefruit, booming with a crisp and citrusy finish, it sets a new standard. Pair this refreshing brew with our Red Chile Pork Tamales for an incredible flavor!  

To keep an eye out for what Surly Brewing Co. is doing next, be sure to follow their Instagram (@surlybrewing) for updates!


Sherry’s Pick: 1912 Brewing

Tucson, Arizona

Love a brewery that cares about their community? So do we. 1912 Brewing Co. is the product of two proud Arizona natives, Allan and Alicia Conger, which launched in 2004. Not only is the brewery named after the year Arizona became a state, but the pair feel so strongly about their home state they wanted to incorporate aspects of Arizona into their brewery and products. What’s not to love here?

By showcasing local beer and wine, utilizing local ingredients for their beers, and working with local charities and artists, 1912 Brewing is able to stay true to themselves and their community. 1912 offers their patrons 20 beers on tap, wine, cider, mead, games for fun, and food trucks for when you’re feeling a little hungry. 

The Amber Ale, Ta Weno, with mild and pleasant notes of caramel and toffee, has a pleasant sweetness and malty flavor profile with a clean finish. It’s not hard to find a Tucson Tamale that pairs well with Ta Weno, but we’ll recommend you try it with our Chorizo and Cheese Tamales. 

You can find 1912 Brewing Co. @1912brewing or on your next visit to Tucson!


Todd’s Pick: Deschutes Brewery

Bend, Oregon

Established in 1988, Deschutes Brewery is an award winning craft beer and hand crafted ales brewery in Oregon and was named after the iconic Deschutes River that is flowing through the town.

Founder Gary Fish wanted to create something for his community as a place to gather around each other and spend time together. Over the years, Deschutes Brewery has expanded beyond the original pub with a brewery and tasting room less than a mile across town on the banks of the Deschutes River in Bend, a second pub in downtown Portland, and a tasting room in Roanoke, Virginia. (So there are multiple locations to enjoy these great beers!)

Deschutes Brewery’s Black Butte Porter is rich and full and pairs beautifully with our Green Chile Pork and Cheese Tamales. You can find them on Instagram @deschutesbrewery or order them from your local liquor store via Drizly.

One thing that we love about all of these breweries? The family and history that comes along with each. Family is so important to us here at Tucson Tamale, and we share our important family traditions through our tamales every day. Do you have a favorite beer and Tucson Tamale pairing? Share it with us on Instagram and tag us @tucsontamale!

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