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Tamale Stuffing

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Tamale Stuffing

4 years ago one of our customers came to us and describe how she took some of our tamales and stuff her Thanksgiving turkey with them.  The results, she proclaimed, were the best stuffing she ever made!  Of course we ask what her recipe was. "Recipe, schmecipe," she said, “I just took the tamales and shoved 'em in the bird, I let the oven and the tamales do the rest of the work.  Thus was born another tradition with Tucson Tamales.  Some people enjoy Tucson Tamales as their main entrée, instead of a turkey. If you still like your turkey on Thanksgiving (who doesn’t?) you can still enjoy your Tucson Tamales as your stuffing.  

Making a stuffing using Tucson Tamales is simple because all the seasonings are already in the tamales.  Here are four ways we have tried the stuffing.  Enjoy one of these stuffings or experiment with your favorite Tucson Tamales. 

Stuff your Turkey

All recipes are enough to fill a 20 pound turkey.  Adjust the amount for the bird of your size.  When making any of these recipes the tamales should be cold when you prepare them.  For each recipe, simply break apart the tamales in a bowl and mix in the chicken stock.  Then simply stuff your bird and let the oven do the rest of the work.  Each recipe serve 8 – 12.

Oven Stuffing
If you prefer oven roasted stuffing, here’s how to do it.  Start with cold tamales and chicken stock.  Break the tamales apart in a bowl and add the chicken stock (add an extra half cup of chicken stock for oven stuffing).  Put the mix in a 9 x 12 baking dish that has been lightly coated with oil.  Pat down the mix in the dish and be sure it is level. Bake the stuffing uncovered at 350 degrees for 35 – 40 minutes.  

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    Weston Brazell
    Weston Brazell

    March 03, 2018

    Best breakfast tamale in the world. When you mix up your masa add 1/2 teaspoon sugar for each tomale, sometimes I add a bannana or two. Then smear the masa a little thin on the corn husk. Att i teaspoon strawberry jame and one teaspoon sweetened cream chese. Then rool em up and steam then until done. lay them on their sides not on their ends, After they cool drizzel them with a mixture on powdered sugar cream cheese and water.

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